Wedding Stories

Yes, I am by your side throughout your wedding day so you can relive these precious, fleeting moments for a lifetime. But I’m here for another reason:

The moments you miss.

Your wedding day is filled with countless loved ones and memories that make up the story of your start.


The intentional time your groom takes to soak in the reality that this is the beginning of forever with you.

The childhood friend who neatly adjusts the train of your dress as you take that last deep breath and the music begins.

The tears in mom’s eyes as she takes in the focus and excitement you walk down the aisle with.


The sweet whispers your friends from college exchange as they find their seat at dinner.

The moment your grandparents share while you dance with your guests and they reminisce about the day they promised forever.

The way your sister catches her breath halfway through dad’s toast as the memories flood in overwhelming her.



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