seed: children’s clothing store, downtown redlands

I’m so stoked to share the photos from my collaboration with SEED & baby models, Keiko Mae & Felicity Jo. SEED is the sweetest children’s clothing store tucked away in the heart of downtown Redlands. Supporting small & shopping local is the way to go. & @seedkids is the perfect place for any & all the needs & whims of your little ones. Be sure to check out their lovely shop & wares next time you’re in town.

SEED-36SEED-27SEED-49SEED-25I mean, really?!? Aren’t they adorable, gorgeous, perfect and alllllll the synonyms?!?SEED-15SEED-55SEED-20SEED-8SEED-30SEED-31SEED-32SEED-23SEED-22SEED-24SEED-21SEED-47SEED-59SEED-65SEED-54SEED-39SEED-38SEED-37SEED-34SEED-35SEED-41SEED-43SEED-42SEED-56SEED-58SEED-26SEED-11SEED-60SEEDSEED-2SEED-4SEED-3SEED-10SEED-29SEED-44SEED-45SEED-18SEED-17SEED-16SEED-14SEED-13SEED-12SEED-53SEED-51SEED-52SEED-6& a HUGE THANK YOU(!!!) to Tai, Jayna, Chloe & Kelsie for doing everything it took to get these babes to look at the camera. Couldn’t have done it without you ladies. xoxoSEED-48

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