Madison and Brody, Canada

These two!!!! This session seemed too good to be true from the moment we dreamed it up to the day the flights were booked and honestly… it still feels like a dream. Madison has family in Canada and she grew up adventuring around Vancouver. It was such an honor to photograph such a sweet friend and her love in a place that is so dear to her. (And sooooooo beyond beautiful.) This bridal set was taken before Maddi and Brody’s engagement party. I cannot wait for them to tie the knot for real!!

Madison and Brody-9986Madison and Brody-8750Madison and Brody-9625Madison and Brody-9657Madison and Brody-9126Madison and Brody-8499Madison and Brody-8506Madison and Brody-8517Madison and Brody-8518Madison and Brody-8598Madison and Brody-8615Madison and Brody-8585Madison and Brody-8646Madison and Brody-8703Madison and Brody-8724Madison and Brody-8753Madison and Brody-8748Madison and Brody-8770Madison and Brody-8777Madison and Brody-8785Madison and Brody-9346Madison and Brody-9362Madison and Brody-9439Madison and Brody-9457Madison and Brody-9571Madison and Brody-9598Madison and Brody-9611Madison and Brody-9795Madison and Brody-9873Madison and Brody-9891Madison and Brody-9906Madison and Brody-9908Madison and Brody-9913Madison and Brody-9929Madison and Brody-9942Madison and Brody-9958Madison and Brody-9961Madison and Brody-9962Madison and Brody-9963Madison and Brody-9964Madison and Brody-9996Madison and Brody-9821Madison and Brody-0073Madison and Brody-0101Madison and Brody-0044Madison and Brody-0011Madison and Brody-0039Madison and Brody-0042

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