kelsie, sedona az

Arrived home this evening & absolutely couldn’t wait to share this (annual-kelise-model-for-me-please?!!) set with you. My baby sister is the dearest soul & without a doubt the best adventure partner eveeeer. Not only is she an absolute babe, but her spirit is even more gorgeous than her face… if you can believe it. We had so much fun on this shoot & (!!) it’s the first set we’ve ever edited together. Let’s just say… any & all “over processing” is definitely due to her influence. Thanks to her persuasion & killer puppy dog eyes, we took “moody tones” to a whole new level. She even managed to convince me to add grain to a photo or two… not sure if that actually enhanced the look or if the fact that it’s midnight & I’m delirious from a day of travel has just totally & completely clouded my judgment. Either wayyyyyyy… enjoy.Kelsie-7815Kelsie-7827Kelsie-7820Kelsie-7832Kelsie-7817Kelsie-7818Kelsie-7821Kelsie-7831Kelsie-7886Kelsie-7863Kelsie-7891Kelsie-7890Kelsie-7895Kelsie-7919Kelsie-7878Kelsie-7903Kelsie-7910Kelsie-7877Kelsie-7898Kelsie-7897Kelsie-7988Kelsie-7947Kelsie-7960Kelsie-7998Kelsie-7973Kelsie-7944Kelsie-8028Kelsie-7989Kelsie-7986Kelsie-7994Kelsie-8025Kelsie-7976Kelsie-8008Kelsie-7971Kelsie-7990Kelsie-7975Kelsie-8035Kelsie-8031Kelsie-8037Kelsie-8040Kelsie-8041Kelsie-8043Kelsie-8047Kelsie-8051Kelsie-8053Kelsie-8050Kelsie-8055Kelsie-8054Kelsie-8063Kelsie-8065Kelsie-8077Kelsie-8089Kelsie-8114Kelsie-8110Kelsie-8074Kelsie-8142Kelsie-8075Kelsie-8119Kelsie-8107Kelsie-8112Kelsie-8106Kelsie-8079Kelsie-8070Kelsie-8146Kelsie-8156Kelsie-8151Kelsie-8148Kelsie-8177Kelsie-8193Kelsie-8180Kelsie-8212Kelsie-8042Kelsie-8048

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