These high school sweethearts came down from Portland for the weekend to share time and traditions with their family and it couldn’t have been sweeter. Watching Nancy get into her mom’s wedding dress and seeing Alex’s family participate in the ceremony was beyond touching. And I for one can’t get over the color and culture!! Congratulations Nancy and Alex, we’re all wishing you one hundred years of happiness!!


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This tiny wedding was such a sweet reminder that sometimes less really is more. Genna and Sam fit every single thing they needed for their day into a carry on bag. Their love for each other and the simple life they’ve created is nothing short of inspiring!! It was such an honor to capture these two on this day, surrounded by forests and coastal views.

Genna and Sam, Married-7998Genna and Sam, Married-8031Genna and Sam, Married-7704Genna and Sam, Married-8107Genna and Sam, Married-8110Genna and Sam, Married-8050Genna and Sam, Married-8123Genna and Sam, Married-8129Genna and Sam, Married-6751Genna and Sam, Married-6762Genna and Sam, Married-8010Genna and Sam, Married-8105Genna and Sam, Married-6742Genna and Sam, Married-8748Genna and Sam, Married-8277Genna and Sam, Married-8322Genna and Sam, Married-8321Genna and Sam, Married-8320Genna and Sam, Married-8278Genna and Sam, Married-8264Genna and Sam, Married-8253Genna and Sam, Married-6780Genna and Sam, Married-6779Genna and Sam, Married-8331Genna and Sam, Married-8340Genna and Sam, Married-8357Genna and Sam, Married-8380Genna and Sam, Married-8375Genna and Sam, Married-8371Genna and Sam, Married-8397Genna and Sam, Married-8400Genna and Sam, Married-8408Genna and Sam, Married-8452Genna and Sam, Married-8453Genna and Sam, Married-8524Genna and Sam, Married-8207Genna and Sam, Married-8923Genna and Sam, Married-6827Genna and Sam, Married-6864Genna and Sam, Married-6869Genna and Sam, Married-6892Genna and Sam, Married-9071Genna and Sam, Married-9092Genna and Sam, Married-7781Genna and Sam, Married-9120Genna and Sam, Married-9227Genna and Sam, Married-9312Genna and Sam, Married-9311Genna and Sam, Married-9167Genna and Sam, Married-9208Genna and Sam, Married-9219Genna and Sam, Married-9239Genna and Sam, Married-9254Genna and Sam, Married-9256Genna and Sam, Married-9263Genna and Sam, Married-9266Genna and Sam, Married-9269Genna and Sam, Married-9278Genna and Sam, Married-9283Genna and Sam, Married-9285Genna and Sam, Married-9292Genna and Sam, Married-9303

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These two!!!! This session seemed too good to be true from the moment we dreamed it up to the day the flights were booked and honestly… it still feels like a dream. Madison has family in Canada and she grew up adventuring around Vancouver. It was such an honor to photograph such a sweet friend and her love in a place that is so dear to her. (And sooooooo beyond beautiful.) This bridal set was taken before Maddi and Brody’s engagement party. I cannot wait for them to tie the knot for real!!

Madison and Brody-9986Madison and Brody-8750Madison and Brody-9625Madison and Brody-9657Madison and Brody-9126Madison and Brody-8499Madison and Brody-8506Madison and Brody-8517Madison and Brody-8518Madison and Brody-8598Madison and Brody-8615Madison and Brody-8585Madison and Brody-8646Madison and Brody-8703Madison and Brody-8724Madison and Brody-8753Madison and Brody-8748Madison and Brody-8770Madison and Brody-8777Madison and Brody-8785Madison and Brody-9346Madison and Brody-9362Madison and Brody-9439Madison and Brody-9457Madison and Brody-9571Madison and Brody-9598Madison and Brody-9611Madison and Brody-9795Madison and Brody-9873Madison and Brody-9891Madison and Brody-9906Madison and Brody-9908Madison and Brody-9913Madison and Brody-9929Madison and Brody-9942Madison and Brody-9958Madison and Brody-9961Madison and Brody-9962Madison and Brody-9963Madison and Brody-9964Madison and Brody-9996Madison and Brody-9821Madison and Brody-0073Madison and Brody-0101Madison and Brody-0044Madison and Brody-0011Madison and Brody-0039Madison and Brody-0042

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“Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me, Heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
And in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

And when you speak
Angels sing from above
Every day words
Seems to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose”

Madison and Brody-7951Madison and Brody-7953Madison and Brody-7974Madison and Brody-7978Madison and Brody-7981Madison and Brody-7884Madison and Brody-7873Madison and Brody-7821Madison and Brody-7760Madison and Brody-7759Madison and Brody-7767Madison and Brody-7746Madison and Brody-7685Madison and Brody-7702Madison and Brody-7624Madison and Brody-7625Madison and Brody-8057Madison and Brody-8131Madison and Brody-8229Madison and Brody-8321
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